Who We Are

New England Oil Lamp Services is a family owned and operated small business, run by people who are committed to both service and the environment.  Since 2007, the Hickman family has managed all aspects of operation, from manufacture to delivery.  Audrey Hickman, the company’s owner, is a long term Lynnfield resident who truly believes in customer service. She says that treating other people the way you would like to be treated can never steer you wrong!

About the Company:

Historically, New England Oil Lamp Services, LLC,  has specialized in supplying restaurants throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Products for these dining rooms include oil wick cartridges of various sizes, and glass enclosures to fit in a variety of designs.  We work with restaurants to choose the appropriate size cartridge for the tables and other lighting in the room, and to schedule deliveries based upon usage.  For supplementary atmospheric lighting, we provide candles manufactured by Hollowick.

Additionally, we supply our product to religious institutions.  The oil wick cartridges can easily be lit before services and safely burn throughout.

One of the easiest ways to be environmentally friendly is to be local.  We are!  Our product is completely sourced from the United States.  The liquid paraffin fuel is a byproduct of processed petroleum, and which we want kept out of landfills.  New England Oil Lamp Services, LLC, purchases this liquid paraffin from a local company which has been in business since 1898. Assembly is completed in Middleton, MA.  Manufacturing from local sources has a positive impact on the economy as well as the environment, and we believe that is important.

With New England Oil Lamp Services, LLC, you can expect timely, friendly, accurate service that is personalized to your needs, and which is never wasteful – of time, money, or resources.